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Ability Alliance of Canada

We are proud to be an independently owned and operated Canadian company.

Our team is passionate about education and training. We provide the tools to examine, engage, and empower students to fully explore their career aspirations, with the goal of pursuing a satisfying, inspiring and rewarding career.

Our team members have been actively involved as community and school volunteers for almost 20 years. We understand firsthand the challenges parents face in guiding young minds through the education system and out into the world of work.

We also know only too well the financial burden placed on students and their families when choosing a post secondary program that is not suitable.

At Ability Alliance of Canada, we are constantly challenging ourselves to perform, and have cultivated a professional and ethical culture that strengthens our competitiveness, enhances our performance, and promotes our growth.

Our professionals all maintain their certification within their regulating/governing bodies. Our skilled professionals bring their years of experience and expertise to whatever service you wish to consider.

Vocational Planning: We have Ontario Certified Teachers, Certified Vocational Rehabilitation Professionals and Registered Rehabilitation Professionals with experience in education, case management, transferable skills analysis, labour market research, labour market re-entry, work transition, and training plan development.

Assessment Services:  Our team has experience and training in psychometric testing, assessment scoring, assessment interpretation, and together we have reviewed hundreds of vocational, psycho-vocational, psycho-educational, educational, neuro-psycho-vocational, and neuro-psychological assessment reports as part of developing realistic and achievable training plans.

Counselling:  Our team of professionals has extensive experience and training in vocational counselling, social services case work, and high school guidance. 

Job Search Training: Our Employment Specialists are experienced in group facilitation, interview preparation, resume development, labour market analysis, interviewing, communication skills and recruiting.

"Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire." W.B. Yeats