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Welcome to Ability Alliance of Canada

ffCareer choice is one of the most important decisions in anyone's life. The decisions about what career to choose and how to become qualified in that career are central to a person's future happiness and success.

If you asked us to sum up our approach to career choice in one word, that word would be PASSION.

From the beginning, we have been passionate about this venture. We would like to instill this same passion in the students as they go through the process in the careers that they choose.

In our current education system, there is an early emphasis on career choice for students. They are encouraged to actively investigate the world of work and to make career choices. Students work on many tasks to assist them in examining the variety of careers that exist.

Many students are uncertain and confused by this process and can find it frustrating and overwhelming. In addition, there are many current careers with declining employment prospects.
Our goal is to engage the students in the process, EDUCATE them in the labour market trends, help them EXAMINE the paths that are available to them and EMPOWER them to pursue a career which is satisfying, inspiring and rewarding.

We offer individualized career exploration that helps students develop strong, effective career choices based on their identified strengths and select suitable and realistic career opportunities.

Certified Vocational Professionals and Employment Specialists at Ability Alliance of Canada have years of experience with the research and exploration of achievable vocational goals and the delivery of industry recognized assessments for personality, aptitude and general cognition, which will help us guide the students through this process.

We educate students about the paths they can pursue. For students who have already made a career or study choice, we can help them gain extra confidence that they are on the right track.....