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Career Exploration

Career Exploration and Specific Program Research for College/University.

The assessment tools that we use in our Career Planning Service generate more specific results than simple interest testing and academic scores can reveal, because we work with individual students and can offer the one-on-one attention required.

Our specific focus on the analysis of aptitudes, personality and general cognitive ability allows us to narrow the field more than generic career exploration tools and to suggest an education/career path which is tailored more to the individual.

Once careers have been identified, following the Career Planning Assessment, we can provide students with an in-depth analysis of educational/career goals being considered for up to three specific careers. An overall analysis of the information will be provided in a written report.

Each analysis will include an overview of the following items:

    • Required aptitudes for a specific career
    • Required skills for a specific career
    • Specific program(s) which provide training for the career
    • Specific school(s) offering these programs
    • Length of required educational program(s)
    • Admission requirements for each program
    • Projected wage and employment outlooks for a specific career