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Ability Alliance's comprehensive assessment tools are designed not to replace but rather to compliment the services currently provided by most guidance departments.

With every day cuts, school boards' resources cannot possibly meet the needs of all students. Many are now receiving limited assistance while others are falling between the cracks and find themselves having to rely on taking decisions on their own. However it is also widely recognized that not all students are capable of choosing the right career based on their own interests and abilities and many end up making the wrong choice which they end up regretting for the rest of their lives.

In this new environment, the self-directed interest inventories are an excellent place to start. At Ability Alliance we have all the tools necessary to comprehensively assess students to ensure they have all the aptitudes required not only to meet their own interests and aspirations but also that these should fall in line with trending geopolitical; market demands; future global economy; and upcoming in-demand careers while taking into account the current situations and individual limitations.

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